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If we decide we're doing something wrong, and the solution is obvious, we can order changes right thenand carry them out over the weekend, while most everybody else in the retail business is off. Man, I was all set to become a big-city department store owner. That's when Helen spoke up and laiddown the law. 鈥淥 God, where am I? Which is the way home?鈥?she cried out, in the dim loneliness. � � � 【AV38】免费视频在线观看_超碰视频_超碰在线播放视频-大香蕉AV日日看 - 大香蕉AV日日看 � For that matter, how many other $50 billion companies would have their president put on overalls and astraw hat and ride a donkey around a parking lot That's what we made David do at the Harrison storeto make up for having toldFortune magazine his story about the donkey and the watermelons at thatstore's 1964 opening. Who knows what our competitors thought when they got their issue ofDiscountStore News that week and saw our president sitting on a jackass right there on the front pageSome of this culture grew naturally out of our small-town beginnings. Back then, we tried literally tocreate a carnival atmosphere in our stores. We were only in small towns then, and often there wasn't awhole lot else to do for entertainment that could beat going to the Wal-Mart. As I told you, we'd havethese huge sidewalk sales, and we'd have bands and little circuses in our parking lots to get folks to thosesales. We'd have plate drops, where we'd write the names of prizes on paper plates and sail them off theroofs of the stores. We'd have balloon drops. We'd have Moonlight Madness sales, which usually wouldbegin after normal closing hours and maybe last until midnight, with some new bargain or promotion beingannounced every few minutes. The way business is conducted worldwide is going to be different, and a lot of that difference is going toreflect what we egotistically think of as the Wal-Mart Way. In the global economy, successful business isgoing to do just what Wal-Mart is always trying to do: give more and more responsibility for makingdecisions to the people who are actually on the firing line, those who deal with the customers every day. � With that idea at the root of everything, we've developed a unique ability to customize what we do tomeet the needs of our stores. Until recently, for example, we bragged that we were making deliveriesevery day to 97 percent of our stores. Then we discovered that wasn't necessarily the best thing for all ofour stores, particularly the smaller ones. So now we've gone into a customized delivery program in whichstores can pick one of four different delivery plans. Every six months, each store decides which plan itprefers. And we also have a plan called accelerated delivery, designed for stores located within a certaindistance of a distribution center. A store in that plan can order merchandise on Monday night and get iton Tuesday night. Nobody else in the business can deliver like that on any kind of widespread basis.