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Did she write the entire book herself? "Every single word. I wouldn't let them touch one of them. 鈥?It's not a sordid book; it's not tacky. One reviewer said it was immoral. I don't think I can figure that out. If you ask me, it's rather religious." Closer at hand, I had decided I wanted to be president of the university student body. I learned early onthat one of the secrets to campus leadership was the simplest thing of all: speak to people coming downthe sidewalk before they speak to you. I did that in college. I did it when I carried my papers. I wouldalways look ahead and speak to the person coming toward me. If I knew them, I would call them byname, but even if I didn't I would still speak to them. Before long, I probably knew more students thananybody in the university, and they recognized me and considered me their friend. I ran for every officethat came along. I was elected president of the senior men's honor society, QEBH, an officer in myfraternity, and president of the senior class. I was captain and president of Scabbard and Blade, the elitemilitary organization of ROTC. Among the most memorable books that Leonard has helped to "discover" are Joseph Heller's Catch-22 and Gunter Grass's The Tin Drum. "To be able to sit down one night, as I did, and to realize you're in the presence of an extraordinary talent, with no advance publicity, to be able to have a hole to fill in the paper two days later, to sit down and pull out all your adjectives and get people to buy the book: this is what you live for," he sighs happily. "You only need two or three of those to last a lifetime." � � After that trip, I knew we had to build one, and everybody was pressuring me for a new general office,so we bought fifteen acres on a farm right outside Bentonville, where we still are today, for about$25,000. Bob was in charge of building us a new 15,000-foot general office, which I thought would lastus forever, and a 60;000-foot warehouse, which I thought was too big, but Ferold convinced me weneeded it. AV天堂網 We don't believe in taking a lot of money out of Wal-Mart's cash registers and giving it to charity for thesimple reason that any debit has to be passed along to somebodyeither our shareholders or ourcustomers. A few years ago, when Helen convinced me that our associates here in Bentonville needed afirst-class exercise facility, she and I paid the million dollars in construction costs ourselves, plus an annualsubsidy for a few years to get it started. We paid for it to show our sincere appreciation to theassociates, but also because I don't believe in asking the customers or the shareholders to pay forsomething like thatas worthy a cause as it may be. By not designating a large amount of corporate fundsto some charity which the officers of Wal-Mart may happen to like, we feel we give our shareholdersmore discretion in supporting their own charities. And I have been particularly proud of the reallygenerous community support shown by some of our shareholders who have been with us since way backwhenespecially the early store managers. Willard Walker and Charlie Baum are two guys who have justdone great things for the community with some of what they've accumulated through their Wal-Martholdings. � But what is he? And why do people want to have him so much, that they put up with his disappointing them nine times out of ten? 10-21-78 WESTSIDER LENORE KASDORF